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How can I get a shed in my back yard?

Have you considered getting a storage shed, but aren’t sure how it would get into your back yard? Maybe you just have a yard gate that’s 3 feet wide. Maybe you have a bigger gate, but that perfect spot for a shed isn’t quite as accessible as you wish it could be. Well, at Sequoia Sheds we’re here to help. We’ve had quite a bit of experience getting sheds to that perfect spot. Sometimes it’s up the hill, around the corner, through the gate, under the tree, and against the fence! But when it’s there, it’s obvious that’s the best place a shed could possibly be.

So here’s some information to help you decide what route to take. First of all, we do offer on-site builds as an option. For spots that just aren’t accessible to bring a shed in already assembled, on-site is the best. For a modest charge of 10% of the price of your shed, our crew will come out with a partly-assembled kit, and build your shed right where you need it. We usually finish in one day, framing, shingling, paint and all. (Certain sheds, such as the Cottage, the Lean-to, or the Chalet, may take two days, and will incur additional onsite fees. Also, if your site is further than 50 miles from our shop, the on-site fee will be greater than 10%). We do ask that you provide 18 inches (preferably 24″) of cleared area all around the spot where you plan to install the shed. If you want it right against the fence, it can be done for a fee, with a little extra work by our crew.

But maybe you’d like to save that on-site charge by getting a pre-fabricated shed, but aren’t quite sure if a shed can get to your site or not. Maybe a little information on how the shed is transported would help. We bring it out with a pickup, on a flat-bed trailer that tilts.

Truck delivering red ranch shed

The shed rolls off the back of the trailer, onto the spot you chose. When sitting on the trailer, the shed is about 2 feet higher than when it sits on the ground. So take a look at that electric wire, or those overhanging branches, as you plan your shed-entry route.

shed coming off trailer

Also, if there’s enough width to get the shed in, but the truck and trailer can’t maneuver around the corner on your route, we have one more trick up our sleeve.

shed on wheels being moved with a Mule

See that handy machine? With a set of wheels under one end, and our motorized shed mover under the other end of the shed, we gain a lot of flexibility in maneuver. Chances are, if you have a wide enough gate, and the corners aren’t too tight to drive around with the shed on these wheels, we can get it in.

For information on site prep, see this.

The type of ground and the steepness of the terrain are both factors to consider as well. If you are unsure, please feel free to call us or email us a picture of your approach, and the spot where you’d like the shed. We’ll be happy to help you figure out which approach will be best.

I hope this information is helpful.

Perfect shed + perfect spot = SATISFACTION!


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