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New! We offer SilverTech siding!

Sequoia Sheds now offers SilverTech siding as an upgrade on our sheds. Silvertech is a siding made by Louisiana Pacific (LP), and is part of their SmartSide siding product line. We have been using LP’s Smartside Siding for years, and are very happy with its performance. It is the best choice for shed siding.

Now, we have been able to procure their SilverTech siding product. It is very similar to the siding we have been using already. But on the inside of the panel, the side you see on the inside of the shed, there is a silver radiant barrier applied to the panel. This silver-colored lining does two things for your shed: it reduces radiant heat coming into the shed from the sun, and it makes the inside of the shed much brighter.

LP says that their SilverTech siding reduces heat coming into the shed by 30% over a siding that does not have radiant barrier. In our California summers, any reduction in heat is welcome! We have been using a Radiant Barrier roof sheathing for years for that very reason. Now we can offer it on the walls as well.

So when you come look at our sheds, ask to see the displays with Silvertech in them. We’ve included a few photos in this post so you can see what it looks like. For $200-$300 upgrade, you can have your shed built with Silvertech siding. You’ll love the bright interior, and less heat will make it through the walls into your shed.

A shot of the inside of a shed with Silvertech siding and Techshield roof sheathing. Both are radiant barrier products.
A shot of the inside of a shed with Silvertech siding.

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