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Shingles or Metal: Which Makes the Better Shed Roof?

At Sequoia Sheds, we offer two types of roofing material for our storage sheds: architectural asphalt shingles, and metal. Which roof is better? What are the pros and cons of each roof? Here is what we know about each roofing material, and why you may want to choose one or the other for your shed.

Temperature and energy efficiency of roofing materials

Metal roofs are generally cooler than shingle roofs. Wait, you say! I thought metal gets hot in the sun! Yes, it does get pretty warm, at least if it’s a dark color. But a metal roof has a smooth and shiny surface, and it reflects solar rays much better than a shingle roof does. Because of this, a light colored metal roof will be a lot cooler than any asphalt shingle roof on a hot day. Due to their composition, asphalt shingles collect and store more heat than a metal roof does, and transmit that heat into the shed. Think of an asphalt road on a hot day. There’s a lot more mass in an asphalt shingle roof, and that whole mass is heating up your shed as long as it is hot. That is why most metal roofs will generally heat your shed a bit less than an asphalt shingle roof.

Which kind of roof will last longer?

A metal roof will last longer than shingles. Our hot California summers are brutal on shingles, and although we use high-quality shingles, they will be doing well to to last the full 40 years they are warranted for. Maybe they’ll last 25 or 30 years; that’s our guess. The metal roof, on the other hand, we do expect to last the full 40 years it is warranted for. Heat wears out shingles, while it doesn’t wear out metal.

Now, one thing which shingles may survive better than metal is hail. Hail damage from large hailstones can dent and scratch metal, and once that happens, the metal roof may start to rust at the points where the impacts occurred. But large hailstones seldom fall here in California.

Which kind of roof looks better?

Only you can answer that question! It truly is a matter of personal taste. Often our customers are thinking about matching their house when they choose a shed roof. We offer a range of colors in both shingles and metal to help match the look you need. If matching the house is not a concern, pick which one you like best! We do have a wider range of colors to choose from in metal than in shingles.

Which roof costs more, metal or shingles?

Metal costs more. We currently charge $180 more for a metal roof than for a shingle roof. A shingle roof is included by default as part of the base price of most of our shed, while metal costs $180 more. The exceptions are the Chalet and the Lean-to, where we use metal roofs by default.

We can help!

Reach out to us at our contact page to ask for a copy of our metal colors or shingle colors for sheds. We can send you paint colors as well, with no obligation to buy on your part. You can also head over to our quote page to get a customized quote for your shed. Quotes are free! Also, no matter which roof type you choose, we personally guarantee our Premium shed roofs with a full 10 years, directly from us.

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