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6×6 Chicken barn, A-frame white

Now here…chicken coops for sale at Sequoia Sheds! We have a gentleman making 6’x6′ wood chicken houses or coops for us to sell. They come complete with nest boxes, roosts, ventilation, chicken door and ramp, and a person door. Good size for a flock of 10 to 15 chickens.

Durable metal roof with insulation will keep the chickens cooler in the summer. Exterior is painted. There is a window with shutters that open and close, for ventilation. The eaves are ventilated as well. These chicken coops are sturdy and solid, built to last for many years. This will be the last coop you need for your flock! No need to keep buying a new one every few years.


2’x4′ door for person access
Chicken door that opens and closes and latches
Chicken rampNest boxes with outside access doorWindow that opens and closes with shutters, and has a screenChicken roostsVented floor and eaves for good air flow in summer timeBuilt on skids for easy moving

There are two styles, a Chicken Lean-to and a Chicken A-frame. The Chicken A-frame is $1300, and the Chicken Lean-to $1100.

The coop is 6 feet wide and 6 feet long, but it is built up on legs so the chickens can run under it for shade if necessary.


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